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The safety of both library staff and your customers is paramount and we are pleased to have risen to the current challenges with 2 new solutions that simplify and streamline the adaptations you’ve already made.

To enable safer, contactless circulation the SOLUS Mobile app now include Customer Self-Service and Click & Collect. Customer Self-Service is simple for the customer to use, working like other mobile 1st collection services. It allows customers to use their mobile devices to check books in and out with barcodes and RFID systems.

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The new SOLUS Click-and-Collect functionality does not require appointments, but instead allows the customer to let staff know that they are on their way to collect their reservations.

The staff interface is efficient, for mobile and desktop and is not dependent on an LMS/ILS staff interface. It makes it so easy to manage the reservations and collections, including functionality to fully customise and timetable library collection hours and establish limits and rules on the number of incoming customers they can serve at any one time.

It’s a real plus that avoids really high levels of “no-shows” that waste your time and money. …and it’s available within the SOLUS Library App for free!

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For more information about this or any of our other gamechanging solutions contact SOLUS – Quality Scottish/ Global Library Innovation – info@sol.usReport this

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