5 CHARTS THAT REVEAL HOW REMOTE WORKING COULD CHANGE THE UK. I read this article below from The Conversation with great interest and it made me wonder how we get ready for the huge change coming our way post pandemic!

The 5 charts in the article are fascinating but in brief it says that many workers will probably return to the office once the COVID-19 crisis is over, but many won’t and it is likely those that do will not want to be there as many days as before. So if half of the workers in a city centre work from home only two days a week, that is a 20% decrease in potential demand for the surrounding local services. The demand will not necessarily be lost, but just reallocated to the neighbourhoods where these workers live, bringing huge potential to reinvigorate local high streets.

This must make surely make us all think that local councils now have this opportunity to rethink their estates, infrastructure, community make up and potential for income generation. The library in the High Street shopfront, in the sad empty Debenhams and Top Shops?

Not everyone has a home office and even if they do many will want human contact and communication outwith the home at some point. So how can we deliver for a new community of home workers?

They will want spaces to meet people and to hold face to face meetings too. We need a new data set we need to know who they are and were they are, what they need – the data!

Build on and reinvest in our existing fabulous network of libraries! Refreshed with café/ bars, meeting rooms, IT access and support, business support and meetups, leadership events, business skills and learning classes, printing, CVs, jobs … so many opportunities – Time for a rethink! 

Melbourne Library cafe

Before I hear the “F” word I think this is an opportunity to be creative and to rethink the potential income generation and economic regeneration this could bring to fund the transformation.

Read the full article here! https://theconversation.com/five-charts-that-reveal-how-remote-working-could-change-the-uk-154418?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bylinetwitterbutton


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